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ntv7's Bilik 7 - celebrity gossip and sensational entertainment industry news

Step into the sizzling world of celebrity gossip and sensational industry news with ntv7's Bilik 7.

Airing every Thursday at 9pm starting this week, the show takes viewers into controversies surrounding local celebrities - who will sit in an interrogation room for questioning by Richie Rachman, a senior editor, radio announcer, image consultant and novelist.

Richie is known for his ability to unzip the tight-lipped and will coax the celebrities into spilling the beans.

"What I like about this show is that it is unique. It gives me the freedom to ask my guests anything. What's more interesting is that I will get to know stories from their side of the table," says Richie at a press conference.

Helping Richie play detective is producer Engku Azmin Engku Zaini. Separated by a tinted-glass window, Engku Azmin will give Richie instructions via an earpiece.

"I've worked with Richie on a couple of projects before and we have great chemistry. We definitely work well as a team," says Engku Azmin.

There will be 13 episodes in the series. The celebrities to be interrogated are Azwan Ali, Zarina Anjoulie, Radhi OAG, Lisdawati Nazarudin, Raja Azmi Raja Sulaiman, Pian Cecupak, Johan As'ari, Melia Amelia, Mawi, Natasha Hudson, Ayu Damit and Gambit Saifullah.

"The show is not about promoting controversies but rather, seeking a way to end them. Artistes who are deemed controversial will now get a platform to voice their concerns, hopes and fears. This is where issues are clarified and feuds forgiven. I hope viewers will look at it positively and learn from their stories," says Richie.

"I applaud the artistes for their courage to come clean. They have been so co-operative and forthcoming with their answers," he adds.

Events PR of ntv7, Emilya Ab Rahim, says: "The show allows viewers to experience the roller-coaster ride of emotions that these celebrities go through... temperatures will rise in the interrogation room."

Bilik 7 is also available on www.tonton.com.my. For details, log on to www.ntv7.com.my and www.tonton.com.my or follow the ntv7 Facebook and Twitter.