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MILO FUZE®'s giving away over RM60,000 worth of prizes - iPhones, cameras and cash! Just take a picture!

What do you have to do?
We all LOVE taking pictures don't we? Milo is asking you to do JUST THAT!

Step 1
Grab your camera -- doesn't matter if it's your DSLR or your camera phone -- and snap the best photo of anything that screams JAM-PACKED™!

Step 2
All your submissions MUST be related to the theme MILO FUZE® JAM-PACKED™ and the Photograph must feature either a MILO FUZE® product and/or logo. No packet, no submission.

Step 3
Upload them all over here:http://www.milo.com.my/fuze/contestdetail.htm and wait for the email saying your photo has been accepted!

Only 40 finalists with the best photo and unique title will be chosen for public voting. The highest voted photo will stand a chance to win awesome prizes!

To enter the contest just click:
Remember to read the full rules and regulation at the bottom of the page!

Enter the contest. When your photo is posted up, link it back here in the comments.

1) The first 40 who submitted more than 10 entries each (and get published) will be getting RM100 cash!

2) The person who submitted the most (and get published) will get RM1000 cash!

Hurry! Contest ends 26TH APRIL 2010!

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