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5 Tips For The Werewolf Diet

5 Tips For The Werewolf Diet

When one thinks of the term “werewolf”, you might think a blood thirsty creature part human during the day and then mysteriously transforms by the power of a full moon at night. Or depending on your age, Twilight comes to mind and all werewolves are full of good looks, slender, muscular body and lots of hair.

While both thoughts are correct, this isn’t the subject matter of this article. Nowadays amongst Hollywood’s elite (Madonna and Demi Moore) and new age nutritionists, The Werewolf Diet is a  diet that has its users losing 2 to 6 pounds in one day.

Here are five tips and informative reasons why you should consider the Werewolf Diet.

1. You don’t need to act or eat like a werewolf.

No need to hunt down live prey and eat raw meat or do sprints in the forest. All you have to do is either an all water or juice fast for 24 hours. The relevance to werewolves is that you have to perform this fast during the full and new moon phases.

2. How does this differ from any other juice or water cleanse?

With a regular cleanse, dieters can lost up to 1 to 3 pounds a day. With the Werewolf Diet, you’re aligning your eating habits with the cycle of each moon phase to lose as much weight as possible. Hence, if you do decide to follow this diet, you’re going to need to invest in either a Farmer’s Almanac or if you have an iPhone or Android, you can download Luna Solaria.

3. The moon has some serious pull when it comes to this diet.

The science behind this diet is the following: The moon affects the gravitational pull on the oceans of the Earth, as well as the human body (we’re consisted of 60 percent water). When the moon reaches its new and full phase, its gravitational pull combines with the sun for the strongest pull possible, which lasts for 24 hours. This means that your body will flush excess water and toxins.

4. No artificial sugars allowed.

Drink as much water as possible to get the best results but if you solely can’t bare the taste of water, all natural juice is allowed but with no added sugar. Tea is allowed but only with all natural honey, if needed.

5. There are two versions of this diet – basic and extended.

For the basic, it entails of a complete 24 hours of fasting and only consuming juice and water. It has to take place on either a full moon or the new moon.

For the extended (which gets a little more complicated), you are covering all the phases of the moon. As the moon’s power and light waxes and wanes, it gives off variations of force and effect on the body. Unlike the basic version, there are more procedures to follow with each step of a moon phase. The Werewolf Diet sounds simple enough to try and if dedicated, will give amazing results. Just make sure you prepare your juices ahead of time and to track the moon phases to get the best results. Please, with any diet or new fitness routine, please consult your doctor to see if you’re in the proper shape.

~ Lifespan