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(Malaysian Contest) Flymas.mobi contest 2010

Flymas.mobi contest  2010

MAS is giving away attractive flight destinations as prizes for a special video contest coming your way this January 2010. Taking part in it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Just when you thought flying to anywhere in ASEAN for free is great, MAS comes out and surprise you with even better trips! If you want to win free flight to Turkey, Korea or Japan, we strongly suggest that you not to blink (who knows, it might vanish!) and continue reading.

Malaysia Airlines is holding a video contest just for you to win free flights to Istanbul, Tokyo or Seoul and ASEAN countries! The contest is pretty simple too! Just create a video entitled ‘flyMAS.mobi – as Easy as ______’ (You’ll have to fill in the blank using your creativity, of course!)

Put your video on Youtube and send the address to us and you’ll be in the running to win free flights courtesy of Malaysia Airlines! If you need inspiration, do check this out!

Inspired yet? Do your best and you’ll be on your way for your vacation trip!

For more information check out here.

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