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The Truth About Blackheads

The Truth About Blackheads
They're stubborn, an eyesore to have and makes you want to yell out, "Off with their heads!" - but before you give them their death sentence, here are a couple of things you should first know about blackheads.

#Blackheads   are NOT dirt trapped inside your pores

They are actually sebum and dead skin cells that have been oxidized inside your pores. This oxidizing process is the reason for its dark colour – similar to how a cut apple turns a darker shade with time.  

 #Blackheads   does NOT occur due to lack of deep cleansing

Before you go scrubbing your skin silly, blackheads are usually formed due to excessive oil clogged up in your skin’s pores. So without proper cleansing, you’d only be letting the excess sebum and dead skin cells to accumulate and await their ‘black’ fate.  

 #Blackheads   CAN be squeezed out…kind of

Extracting them this way may help reduce them slightly but you risk overdoing it which would cause even more oil secretion from your skin or worse, damage your skin cells. P/S If you do squeeze, be sure that your hands are clean to avoid contaminating the skin’s inner layers.  

 #Blackheads   ENLARGE your pores

Not only are they a head-ache to have, they also widen your pores – especially the rough and uneven skin surrounding your nose. Hence, when cleansing, start with your nose and always remember to remove your makeup before bed.

 #Blackheads   CAN’T be rid of by exfoliating every day

While exfoliation is a must once a week or two, overdoing it could destroy your new skin cells and damage your skin instead. To remove them, you could opt for pore strips or extraction products which soften clogged pores to allow the blackheads to be extracted more easily. But don’t assume they can be rid of in one try, be consistent in your facial routines and you’ll soon be on your way to clearer skin.

 by Rachel Au