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9 signs of depression

 9 signs of depression

Depression should be treated like other diseases. In fact they are so dangerous, they will cause many other diseases including death. The saddest thing that could happen is suicide. Many depressed women thought about suicide. While many men don't just thought about it, they really do it.

So what are the signs?

If the person showed five of these signs for two weeks continuously, he or she is regarded to have major depression (major depressive disorder):

    1.Feeling sadness, empty or anxious mood for almost every day.
    2.Lost or declined of interest or happiness toward activities that were once he/she enjoyed.
    3.Significant loss of body weight and loss of appetite. Or conversely could happen, overeating and overweight.
    4.Sleep problem or insomnia, over-sleeping, not enough sleep.
    5.Problem in body movement or psychomotor.
    6.Feeling tired, fatigue, feeling "slowed down" or sluggish.
    7.Feeling worthless and guilty for his/her doing.
    8.Having problem to think, to concentrate or to decide.
    9.Continuously visualizing death and suicidal feeling.
Important to mention, depression not only experience by adults, children suffers from it too. Too much pressure, unrealistic goal and bad experience could result depression. Support from others around are very important in curing it.

Dangerous it is. So take caution..smile always, because a smile can cure depression.