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Signs you’re an Exercise Freak

Signs you’re an Exercise Freak

Getting six pack abs is probably one of my most prominent life goals at the moment so it’s really no brainer how working out two to three times daily makes me feel good.

Health studies have also proven that exercising releases feel good hormones, improves your overall mood and boosts your confidence.

So what are the signs you’re addicted to working out?

You get excited when you do sports bra shopping

Some girls are happy to do lingerie shopping on its own but you get a high when it comes to sports bra shopping. Well can’t blame you, it’s a necessity before you go for any kind of workout!

You’ve named your yoga mat

So men can name their cars after their dream girls (I had a friend who named his Myvi Brianna so no judgment there).  Well mine is called Scott. And Scott makes me happy.

One day without working out feels like a year in hell

Your whole day feels terrible if you miss out on your daily 30 minute run or daily yoga session.  It’s not so much about guilt, it’s just you feel as if life is incomplete.

Mornings start with a 15 minute workout routine

Normal people drink coffee to kick start their morning. Fitness freaks start with stretches, at least 180 crunches, 60 second planks, 250 squats and 100 push ups. Trust me, that is just the entrée.

You only date guys who work out

You do seated spinal twists at work

While everyone else is crouching over the computer screen, typing out presentations and e-mails, you’ve got your ears plugged to the sounds of Jhene Aiko while doing spinal twists in your chair. Bonus marks, your spine won’t hurt as much as the rest of your colleagues.

You walk around in cropped tops

Because you can. Plus, all those daily workouts have given you a super defined waistline to show off!

Your holiday plans revolve around yoga retreats

While all your friends or your boyfriend/husband plans a holiday trip including you, you won’t move unless it’s at a yoga retreat with early morning meditation classes and more than two or three yoga sessions in a day. Even better if they serve organic meals!

Yoga selfies

OK, so this technically makes you and me special. While everyone else takes selfies in their car or at their table while waiting for dinner, we take yoga selfies. What’s a yoga selfie? Basically a full body picture of you in a yoga pose. For beginners, it might be in a cross legged sitting position. For intermediates, it would be a king pigeon.  For advanced yoga practitioners? Well let’s not even go there. God knows how they bend their bodies.

Your yoga teacher knows your NAME and WEAKNESSES

You’ve never missed a yoga class ever (since you’re that in love with yoga) to the extent that your yoga teacher knows more than just your name. Heck, your yoga teacher is probably your best friend the way she knows your body ailments up to your relationship issues.

~Atiqa Juana