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Website Radzuan Radziwill

Profil Datuk Radzuan Radziwill

Radzuan Radziwill is a Malaysian wedding dress designer known for creating a mix between traditional Malaysian and Asian couture mixed with modern styles and designs. He ends up bringing a unique flair to all of his fashions, including his wedding designs.

Radziwill graduated in Fashion and Design from University Technology MARA in 1989, then got a Masters degree from Bunka University in Tokyo. He is an award winning designer who gained fame by designing the wedding ensemble for the Deputy Prime Minister’s sons wedding. There were many VIP guests in attendance, and that pretty much helped propel him to the top of the design world.

Islam is the main religion in Malaysia, so many of Radziwill’s designs have a flare of religious touches, especially when it comes to wedding gowns. Ensembles can be colorful and flowing while also being modest. Some of his designs might seem lavish by American standards, but that’s something that helps to set him apart from the crowd. You will see a lot of very colorful long wedding jackets with a lot of embroidery and a lot of ruffles. You will also see head coverings that match either the dress or the wedding jacket, which is a traditional look in that area of the world.

But it’s his use of color that helps Radziwill’s design stand out for American consumers. He’s not afraid to mix colors and get away from the traditional white that many American brides sometimes cling to. He doesn’t design on that much with Saddam, preferring to use silks and cottons that flow with the body and help to accentuate the body. He will also mix up a wedding gown with touches of lace and see-through materials which he might decide to embroider in some fashion or not. Sometimes the colors he mixes together are different variations on the same color. And of course he will use crystals and other things to help bring a shimmer and shine to a wedding ensemble.

It’s worth taking the time to look at some of Radziwill’s wedding designs to see if there’s something you might like. Based on currency conversion factors, you might find some of his most luxurious wedding gowns at a fairly nice price. Of course the top of the line designs might cost a little bit more, but for the work and passion that he’s put into his wedding designs, you might find that any of his wedding designs at any cost is worth it.