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Coverina Synopsis + Movie Trailer

Coverina Synopsis

Kamal, an unemployment often helped his friend Ery, at burger stalls, had mistakenly filled the application form work, so he interviewed for working in a motoring company owned by Rina, a national motoring queen, an anti-male, because his lover abandoned due on their wedding day.

Everything changed, when Kamal set to work there as a 'dispatch' for women workers they had stopped suddenly.Ery, has counseled Kamal, in order to become a woman, to know the secrets of the Rina heart, beside to join with a group of high-powered motor, comprising Sharifah, a single mother, Liz, a married woman, Ali, a like-boy and Rina too. Accidental events have occurred and allow Kamal disguised as Kamalia to join them.

Disguised as Kamalia, allowing Kamal Rina comprehend the feelings, and try to lure Rina. However, his attempt was not effective, and cause Rina's loneliness, want to re-establish a relationship with a former lover.What happens to the relationship between Kamalia and Rina? Also, do Kamal will admit he is Kamalia and whether Rina will return to her former lover?

Director:Khalid Nadzri
Cast:Pekin Ibrahim, Siti Elizad, Cat Farish
Distributor:SPS AV (M) SDN BHD

Coverina Movie Trailer