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Amelina's Biography - Queen of Dangdut

Amelina's Biography - Queen of Dangdut

Amelina is a dangdut singer from Nilai, Malaysia who was active in the 90s and always performing together with Iwan. She is also known as “Ratu Dangdut” (Queen of Dangdut). Before becoming a singer, she was a factory worker.

Amelina grew up appreciating pop and dangdut music, and during her schooldays, she participated in singing contests around Negri Sembilan. She was discovered in a contest on radio station Negeri FM by radio personality Syed Mustafa in 1993.

Amelina loves dangdut, and prefers it “traditional and refined”. She looks up to Indonesian legends Rhoma Irama, Nur Halimah and Evie Tamala who espouse moderation in the popular genre.

Her popularity can be seen through her debut album, released in 1994, Rindu Ah Ah Ah which was sold 200,000 units. Her second album, Syik Ayik Asyik also was sold more than 200,000 units. This has strengthened her name in the Malaysian music industry.

Some of her famous songs are Asyik, Rindu and Semakin Rindu Semakin Asyik. She also joined Anugerah Juara Lagu when her song Ah Rindu managed to qualify to the final for Irama Malaysia (folk category).

In 1998, she released her final album, cinta oh cinta. Although this album failed to repeat the success of her previous albums,it still managed to reach 100,000 units.

In 1999, Iwan had sued her for “Underwear Controversy”.

Between 1994 and 1999, Amelina introduced a string of best-selling dangdut tunes which became anthems to fans.

Five years and three albums later, Amelina opted to bid 'adieu' to the music scene. Her reasons were unknown.

In the 1990s, one of the most catchy and memorable pop songs was Rindu, where the singer utters “Ah! Ah!” a dozen times. This somewhat sultry dangdut number put bubbly Norazlina Amir Sharipudin (or Amelina) on the nation’s music circuit, and conferred her the country’s new dangdut queen.

Besides Rindu, Amelina became a household name for her other catchy numbers — Asyik, Secangkir Madu Merah and Semakin Rindu Semakin Asyik. They were launched in two albums — Rindu in 1994 and Asyik in 1997. Asyik won Best Traditional Pop Album at the 1995 Anugerah Industri Muzik.

Amelina also performed in a duet with pop legend Datuk Jamal Abdillah in the Asli number Seri Langkat. This showed music lovers that she was a versatile singer willing to break out of her comfort zone.

She also appeared in the sitcom Sambal, which starred zany television personality and comedian Azwan Ali.

Also an entrepreneur, she set up her own health and beauty products business that lasted two years.

Traditional musicians in the East Coast who specialised in dikir barat also admired her, praising her as an innovative artiste who fused traditional (dikir barat and asli) and modern music (dangdut and pop).

Amelina took a 15-year break from the music industry in 1999, and her last public concert was the closing ceremony of the 1998 Commonwealth Games at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, where she shared the stage with rock queen Ella who sang the Games’ theme song Standing In The Eyes Of The World.

She is now a mother of six (four boys and two girls aged from 5 to 13)

Amelina has decided to make a comeback in December 2014.

Amelina is now an artiste signed under record label Wake The Baby, founded by acclaimed composer and lyricist Ajai.

Admitting that her return to showbiz was a classic case of absence making the heart grow fonder, she says: “Singing and entertaining are a part of me. As they say, once an entertainer, always an entertainer.”


- Asyik
- Rindu
- Zapin Tujuh Purnama
- Ah! Rindu Lagi
- Di Dadaku Ada Kamu
- Yang Indah Yang Hangat
- Semakin Rindu Semakin Asyik
- Sini Cinta Sana Cinta (Duet Bersama Sheeda)
- Secangkir Madu Merah (Duet Bersama Sheeda)
- Memori Daun Pisang (Duet Bersama Iwan)
- Yang Tersayang (Duet Bersama Iwan)
- Bulan Cinta
- Cinta Oh Cinta
- Aduh
- Ah Aku Tahu
- Sepayung Berdua (Duet Bersama Iwan)
- Jangan…Jangan…Jangan
- Aku Jatuh Cinta
- Yang Indah Yang Hangat (remix)
- Rindu
- Andaikan Bintang Berkata
- Seri Langkat (Duet Bersama Jamal Abdillah)
- Di Dadaku Ada Kamu
- Sini Cinta Sana Cinta (Duet Bersama Sheeda)
- Secangkir Madu Merah (Remix)

- Rindu Ah Ah Ah-
- Syik Ayik Asyik
- cinta oh cinta
- Pilihan Dangdut No.1: Ah! Ah! Amelina